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Basic Hydro: Triple Aqua Booster

Basic Hydro: Triple Aqua Booster

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Welcome to the future of skin care with Dr. RIMPLER BASIC Triple Aqua Booster - a new dimension of deep moisturizing care with a long lasting effect! An invisible semi - permeable microfilm of an acacia polysaccharide and algae protect the skin with from moisture – loss. A long lasting moisturizing effect and freshness for the whole day will be given by a stepwise output of Serines. Nature meets new technologies (biotechnology and nanotechnology)! Immediate sensible hydrating of the skin will be combined with a depth effect for a long lasting visible result. Enjoy day by day this breeze of oceanic freshness with our new Triple Aqua Booster!

A multi-functional, oil-free moisturizing care that offers 24-hour hydration. It’s extremely light texture makes it suitable for oily, dehydrated skin.

50mL / 1.7 fl oz


For all skin types.


Apply a sufficient quantity to face and neck area - after cleaning the skin corresponding to skin’s condition underneath the usual day- and night care. For weekly care, it is recommended to use the product once a week as a refreshing mask, which will completely penetrate to the skin.

Active Ingredients


(NMF Encapsulated In Liposomes):

Its cushy formula features a liposome delivery system, which mimics the skin's natural structure, showed an excellent ability to retain water in the system. Replicates the skin’s own Natural Moisturizing Factor and boosts the water retention in the epidermis, while maintaining and repairing the skin’s protective barriers.

Hyaluronic Acid:

A naturally occurring polysaccharide, acts as a “molecular sponge” trapping and holding water up to a thousand times its own weight and supports collagen fibers and structural proteins to keep skin plump and youthful.


Film forming polysaccharide with extremely high turgor. An excellent ingredient provides moisturizing and soothing benefits to skin. It works by binding water to the epidermis, and creating a moisture-binding film on the skin that gives the skin a soft, smooth feeling. In addition to providing long lasting moisture effect to the skin, it also functions as an anti-irritant. 

Moisturizing Vegetal Micropatch:

Semi-permeable microfilm to reduce moisture loss. A serine molecular patch. It is a network made of acacia and alginate (vegetal version) that contains moisturizing serine. When released slowly into the skin, serine acts all day long for long-lasting hydration.

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