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Sensitive: Tonic Mild Toner

Sensitive: Tonic Mild Toner

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200 mL tube


Our SENSITIVE Tonic has been especially developed for sensitive and allergic skin. Active ingredients such as allantoin and extracts of the African "resurrection plant" Rose of Jericho ensure rehydration of dry skin areas, strengthen the weakened and permeable skin barrier, revitalize sensitive areas of skin, and visibly improve the condition of skin prone to redness. A noticeable well-being experience for your skin.



Apply SENSITIVE Tonic with a cotton ball and gently press in with your hands. This removes any residue from your cleanser, stabilizes the skin and optimally prepares it for subsequent care products. 

Active Ingredients:

MYRAMAZE® (An Oasis of Wellbeing for Desert-like Skin)

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