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Cutanova Organics: Herbal Day Care

Cutanova Organics: Herbal Day Care

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50mL bottle


Precious, unsaturated oil relipidates and restructures the skin, making the skin smooth and silky. Additionally it boosts cell protection and inhibits stress-induced irritations.

Nature Inside

  • No raw materials from animal origin
  • No mineral oils or silicon oils
  • No ethoxylated raw materials
  • No chemical preservation
  • No synthetical fragrances or colouring agents
  • Preferential use of vegetable raw materials from ecological cultivation
  • Preferential use of raw materials from fair trade origin, if possible


Apply in the morning 2-3 dispenser bumps on the prepared skin and pad in softly.

Active Ingredients

Moringa oil
Ximenia oil
Meadow foam oil
Balloon plant
Black current

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