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Dr. Christian Rimpler and his team of scientific employees have worked together for years with renowned German universities to unite the effects of highly-concentrated natural products with maximum compatibility. Our products are tested close to the skin and meet the international standards of the German Cosmetics Ordinance. On over 1800 m² of development, production and laboratory space, we have ultramodern machines and facilities at our disposal to produce ambitious and innovative products to a GMP-certified standard.

Since 1986, the family business RIMPLER COSMETICS has been an innovative developer with a scientific background, certified clean room production, and a worldwide operation of a multi-award-winning product range for the face and body. As an experienced specialist retail partner in professional depot cosmetics, we see intelligent skin care as modern, 21st century preventative health care. We rise to this challenge with all our passion and know-how, every single day. Trust the skin expert.

EFFICACY and SAFETY are the two core attributes of the Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics philosophy, and they are the principles behind all formulations. The use of highly-effective active natural products in combination with technological processing techniques is the result of the latest research and our promise to healthy, cared for skin. An exact dose yields the best results, so Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics ensures that an ideal balance between efficacy and skin compatibility is achieved. Efficacy and safety – the promise of the skin expert.