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Our Story


CosMax Aesthetics was born out of love. Anika’s mother is a first generation immigrant with an unbelievable work ethic, dreaming of a better life for her and her daughters. Between working multiple jobs and raising Anika and her sister as a single mother, her mother maintained a passion for health and skincare. Anika drew on her mother’s inspiration to cultivate her own passion in skincare. However, she was disappointed with the offerings available - she either couldn’t find products that were truly safe and effective, or couldn’t find anyone with the proper expertise and care to help with what her skin needed. From there, CosMax was born with a mission: so you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Our Approach

Our vision is to give you the ultimate spa experience, right from your own home. Our “virtual spa” approach gives you the ultimate skin care freedom:

  • Freedom to care for your skin at your own pace: we give you the tools to take care of your skin in the way you want, when you want.
  • Freedom to get the best care: no one cares about your skin more than you, so we empower you with the right products and information for you to give yourself the best self-care.
  • Freedom to Learn: we will give you the knowledge, experience, and products of licensed estheticians without the hefty prices you’d have to pay to go into a spa. This way more of your hard-earned dollars goes towards your own skincare.


The Philosophy

Everyone’s skin is unique. We take the time to tailor a skin care programs with quality spa-grade skincare products that is just for you.


The Curation

We only work with the highest quality spa-grade skincare products from companies that share our vision. Retail products are designed with everyone’s skin in mind, which means it is also meant for no one’s skin. Spa-grade products have a different offerings for all different types of skin conditions, which can be used together to design custom skincare routines.


The Community

We are building a community where everyone can feel comfortable and are celebrated for who they are. We also love to talk about skincare and how we can improve it. Join us here!