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Tips for Skin Home Care




It is a difficult time for many us either with practicing social distancing or the rapid changes we have to face for the past weeks. Even though, people are trying to figure out what to do during our time at home, we can make use of this time to focus on ourselves either mentally or physically.

Many of us heard that the skin is the largest organ of the body and it is one of the essential organ that helps protect the body from many viruses and bacteria we constantly are contact with. Not only that, our skin allows us to regulate body temperature, feel pain or pressure, protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays that damages cells and many more that we may take for granted. In order to keep our skin healthy, we must have a consistent (or quality) homecare for our skin. Let’s take this time to focus and thank our skin for giving us this beautiful barrier during this difficult time.


Daily day & night skin routine

This may be a no-brainer but at the same time, with our busy schedule we may forget the most crucial routine to keep our skin healthy and in tip-top shape. We brush our teeth twice a day so why not clean our skin twice a day as well? Throughout our normal day (rather you are at home or not), our face collect a lot of dirt and oil. When we are younger, our skin renew itself every 60 days where it constantly needs help removing dead skin to maintain a fresh looking skin. Cleansing twice a day not only is a gentle way to exfoliate but it helps our pores breath and absorb skincare products easily. Cleansing the face for a least a minute helps blood circulation which prevents early signs of aging. It is important to use quality face cleansers that is suitable for the season and your skin, and no, bar soap is not an option (which will be explained in a later blog post). A good cleanser should not dry up your skin but keep the pH level of your skin manageable, following with a toner, serum, and good moisturizer.


Tip: Double cleanse (cleansing your face twice) at night will help ensure your skin is clear from the stubborn debris


Quality masks

There is an art behind what type of masks to use and why we should be careful what masks we put on our face (stay tune for another future blog post). Masks are the best way to give nutrients or that extra “oomph” for our skin. If facials are not an option right now, mask is a best way to substitute the extra care your skin needs. It is important to look for the right ingredients and frequency or time needed. Ingredients such as kaolin, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, to name a few are great ways to help hydrate and leaving your skin glowing. Keep in mind that masks are not moisturizers, read the instructions, usually face masks need 15 or 20 minutes unless it is a sleeping mask! Leaving masks on for more than 20 minutes may have a reverse effect leaving your skin dehydrated. All masks need to be removed with lukewarm water (yes even paper mask) as the concentrated ingredients may clog pores producing unwanted milia and or pimples.

Tip: Don’t forget to apply mask on your neck, it also needs some tlc



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Whatever your reason may be, cleansing out toxins, hydrating your body, or even to satisfy your thirst, your skin needs water as well. Health professionals  recommend to drink two litres of water per day in order to have the adequate amounts of water. Remember, tea, coffee, juices, soups etc. are not added in this amount. Especially at this time, staying hydrated will help your body feel more energized and gives an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking young and glowing. Keep a refillable bottle by your side as a good reminder to keep yourself hydrated for the day.



We are going deep! Sleep is the easiest and a free way of keeping your skin looking healthy and young long term. Yes, products and treatments may help the skin look young, but sleep helps tremendously. Our brain, body and skin needs to rest and repair every night and lack of sleep not only effects how we function mentally but evidently appears on our skin the next day. Caffeine may keep us awake, make-up may cover some dark circles short term, but not having at least 8 hours of sleep will affect our skin looking older and dull long term. Sleeping helps the skin repair any superficial or deep damages (such as scars) in a faster pace and encourages skin renewal. There’s a reason why we call beauty sleep for a reason!


Tip: Using silk fabrics helps our skin stay hydrated throughout the night, such as pillowcases and or eye mask.



Exercise is not only great for losing weight and your health, it is good for your skin as well! Many of people know that exercising releases endorphins and dopamine which helps lower our stress levels and increasing the feeling of happiness. Believe it or not, the skin also feels happy when you exercise! Let’s talk a bit about the human anatomy and physiology: our skin is connected to different systems and one of the many system that helps the skin look more healthy is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps get rid of toxins or unwanted waste from our body through sweat and urine. With exercise, your heart rate goes up which helps increase your blood circulation. This is where oxygen and nutrients are deliver throughout the body keeping the skin healthy, promotes collagen production and skin cell renewal. Once you start exercising, you will find a natural blush and skin glowing!


Tip: Try different types of ways to stay active, rather it is to take cycling classes or even working out at home. Find your favourite activity will help you stay active in the long-run.