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Professional Vs Over-the-counter skincare: Which is best for your skin?

CosMax Professional Vs Over-the-counter skincare

Been having skin issues you want to fix but unsure whether to buy a medical-grade skin line or choose the one advertised by your favorite over-the-counter brand? With thousands of different brands and skin lines, it is easy to get confused and buy the wrong products for your skin needs.

To find the perfect skincare you must know the basics first - the difference between Professional grade vs Over-the-counter skincare. It is important to invest in quality (does not need to be super expensive) skincare because you want to either solve the existing problem or maintain that young-looking glow. 

Once you are able to understand the difference, you can make an educated choice that fits your needs.

Over-the-counter (OTC) skincare can be easily purchased from grocery stores, drug stores, and even from your friends. Known for catering to “all skin type”, OTC manufacture products in masses and by definition, do not have a high amount of active ingredients that can help solve individual skin issues. The ads and product description may feature good components such as retinol or vitamin C but the concentration of the active ingredient is relatively low. This is to ensure that it does not negatively affect the skin of the general population. Made to target a wider market, it is conceived with some amount of fillers and preservatives for a longer shelf-life. The lower percentage of active ingredients and the extenders added to the product reduce its effectiveness and quality.

Compared to Professional Skincare, OTC does not necessarily have to be tested for effectiveness and is not held the same standards compared to professional grade. Some skin might react positively to Over-the-counter products but because it does not penetrate the layers of the skin, it might just be a temporary relief. 

It is also important to check the label of each product as OTC usually contains synthetic colors, fragrances, and harsh chemicals that might cause irritation to your skin type and worsen your skin problem. 

In addition to this, Over-the-counter skin products allow you, as the customer, to self-diagnose your skin problems leading to buying products that you think are best for you. However, a mass-produced skincare product would not be able to address the particular issue you have. 

CosMax Professional Vs Over-the-counter skincare

On the other hand, medically made skin products are carefully studied by professionals and created with the proper amount of active ingredients.  Professional-grade skincare is formulated to penetrate your skin and to target specific problems. It is helpful to remember that when it comes to skincare there is no “one size fits all.” Using products formulated to target individual concerns is important as each person requires a unique skincare regimen to achieve desired results.

Here are some reasons why you should pick Professional Grade Skincare:

More Potent Formulation

As it is created to target skin problems, Professional-grade skincare has been medically researched and developed to ensure that it contains the correct amount of active ingredients. Usually, a higher amount of the active ingredient equates to better-looking skin.

Made In Small Batches

Professional skincare lines are made in small batches and distributed to trained or licensed skincare centers, aesthetic boutiques, spas, and salons. This process helps maintain the quality and integrity of the ingredients. Producing small batches and selling to professionals also ensure that customers are provided with guidance and advice as to how and why a certain skincare product should be used.

With a Safe Level of pH

pH number might not be a common topic when it comes to skincare but it is just as important. Because the skin can only function at its best when the pH level is between 4.5 and 5.5, Professional skincare products utilize this knowledge by using pH-adjusted ingredients. It is best to avoid having the skin in an alkaline state as it would be easy for bacteria and free radicals (such as pollution) to infiltrate it. 

Priced With Integrity

Professional skincare line price products according to the concentration of active ingredients. Because the active ingredients are higher compared to OTC products, the faster solution is provided with a lesser amount of product use. When used properly, the product will last longer and work better giving you the ultimate bang for your buck.