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How to choose the best and proper cleanser for your skintype.

Washing your face with water does not clean the face enough to remove deep-seated dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, makeup, and especially bacteria. In fact, cleaning with water alone causes the skin to dry up. It is not recommended to only use water in cleansing your face.

Using any cleanser is also not recommended as it may not be helpful to your skin type. In some cases, a good skin cleanser for one person might irritate the other. For dry skin, harsh cleansers can cause even more dryness that triggers the skin to irritate. Under other conditions, overly rich cleansers may cause breakouts due to extreme oiliness. This is one of the many reasons why finding the perfect cleanser for your skin type should be considered carefully.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva

Photo by Polina Kovaleva 

Five reasons to consider in finding the perfect cleanser:

Identify your skin type

This is an essential step to consider to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Before choosing any cleanser type, brand or formulation it is necessary to know the particular skin type and skin condition one has. Identifying it will help determine what type of cleanser is your skin needs.

The four basic skin types are the following:

Normal skin - a term widely used about well-balanced skin. The scientific term for healthy skin is eudermic.

Dry skin - a term used to describe skin that produces less sebum than normal skin. This skin type needs proper moisture to function well and protect the skin from external influences.

Oily skin - a term used to describe a skin type with heightened sebum production. The process is known as seborrhea where the skin stays shiny and greasy even after only after few hours of cleansing.

Combination skin - as the name suggests this skin type consists of different skin conditions. It means some parts of your face are oily while others are dry or sensitive.

Important note: using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can further contribute to your skin problems such as dryness, irritation, oiliness, and breakouts.

Find ingredients that benefit a particular skin type

Once the skin type is identified, it is easier to choose a cleanser based on the ingredients available and how it benefits the skin.

In the manner that one has dry skin, finding products that provide moisture and avoiding the once with drying ingredients such as increased alcohol content is essential. On the other hand, if one suffers from oily skin, focus on finding products that are water-based with proper pH levels for gentle cleansing that does not cause irritation or breakout.

Choosing cleansers with appropriate ingredients according to your skin’s needs can help you achieve your skin goals. Make sure to do your research first or try new cleansers before committing to check how it fits the demands of your skin.

Use effective active ingredients

Active ingredients are pharmaceutical drugs that are biologically active. Most clinically-approved skincare products use them as they are proven to work effectively and efficiently. This is simply because the active ingredient in the product addresses the specific skin concern. 

According to Dr. John G. Zampella and assistant professor from Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NY "When I look on the back of a bottle and it says the active ingredient, that to me means the chemical or molecule in that product that is doing what the product says it’s supposed to do,”.


Keep track of your skin condition

With the current availability of hundred of skincare products in the market, it can be hard to choose one particular cleanser. Given the different skin problems one experiences in a year can add to that confusion. This is why keeping a skin journal or simply keeping track of your skin condition and the products used can be helpful. 

When using new products, like a cleanser, simply log all the details such as brand, type, ingredients, and features to quickly review it when the time comes. This is also a good way to keep track of how long a particular product is being used before one can see the effect.

If you need to visit a professional, a skin journal would be very helpful for them to see what works, what does not, and how your skin reacts to a particular ingredient.

See a professional

Remember that different people have different skin types this is why simply buying cleansers your favorites celebrity promotes does not help solve your skin problems.

Schedule a check-up with professionals to get proper skin diagnoses and use products that can correct your skin problems. You can visit an aesthetician or a dermatologist and they will be more than happy to assist your needs.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Photo by Anna Shvets

Different cleanser type to consider


Cream cleansers are more soothing to the skin than other cleansers because of their texture and ingredients. They are thick, creamy, and contain moisturizing ingredients like botanical oils.

Cream cleansers are gentle and do not strip the skin from its natural oils. It may come as a milk or lotion type of cleanser.

Ideal for: dry and sensitive skin

How to use: Put enough amount of the product into the palm of your hand and gently work it over your face, eyes, and neck before removing it with water, cotton, or muslin cleansing cloth.


Face Wash

The face wash is designed to use with water as it deep cleanses the skiing from removing impurities. It is created to refresh skin, enhance complexion, and leave skin smooth and soft.

Ideal for: normal skin

How to use: wash cleansers need to be mixed with water. Wash your hands thoroughly before adding the product. Add enough amount and lather it gently. Clean your face and neck while avoiding the under-eye.



Balms are created using a nourishing blend of plant oils, essential oils, and herbs. Cleansing balms usually have a solid or buttery texture that easily melts into an oil once warmed up on the skin. It emulsifies into a milky liquid once water is added. Cleansing balms usually have a solid or buttery texture that easily melts into an oil once warmed up on the skin. It emulsifies into a milky liquid once water is added.

Cleansing balms help remove makeup easily as the oils in the ingredients easily melt whatever is on the skin’s surface.

Ideal for: combination and dry skin

How to use: Smooth and massage the balm all over the face. Remove the products with a warm muslin cloth. Make sure to clean the face thoroughly.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a skin cleanser that helps cleanse and tone the skin. The micellar water got its name from the word micelles which means round balls of cleansing molecules. This cleanser is popular because of its ability to promote skin hydration, remove dirt and oil, and help clear the skin from dirt and impurities.

Ideal for: normal and sensitive skin

How to use: Apply the micellar water to a cotton-wool pad and swipe it over the skin. Clean it for the second time to ensure proper removal of dirt.


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